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Central Austin, Texas Real Estate

Central Austin was really the center of a small town named Waterloo. The name was changed to Austin, in honor of Stephen F. Austin in 1839. There are still many stores with the name Waterloo in them. (It truly is hard for some Texans to take change. There are some Texans around that still think that Texas should never have joined the union.)

Most towns in Texas grew up around water sources and Austin was no different. The Lower Colorado River winds its way through the outlines of the high cliffs of the Hill country and through the heart of this fabulous city. A series of damns has created a chain of lakes that help the area with flood control. The part of the river that goes through the center of town is a constant level lake called Lady Bird Lake (named after L.B Johnson’s wife, Lady Bird)

Austin has created hike and bike trails that follow the lake and the beautiful area. Many of the music functions of the city have outdoor settings around the center of town. Most cities have a difficult time keeping their residents in the inner city. Austin has a vibrant inner city and wonderful night life. The Capital’s dome lights the night sky with a beacon to all of the town’s people.

The guitar is the city’s symbol so it is not an accident that the music scene in Austin is an important factor in the downtown sales of homes. From Condos to old Mansions, the entire area is alive with music. Austin is considered the “Live Music Capital of the World” and the talent in this city is incredible. Because of this kind of draw to the center of town, the Downtown area is very desirable and demands a fair price. Austin is internationally known for their outside amphitheaters and incredible venue of artists that play here.

People who like to get out and be able to walk to restaurants, entertainment, museums and theaters love it.
With the University of Texas, the Capital and all of the legislature and a fair amount of tech companies in the area, urban living is diverse and more than just trendy. Even with many developers overbuilding condos in the area, the downtown housing is still sought after.