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East Austin, Texas Real Estate

East Austin has changed very much over the past several years. What used to be a place where nobody wanted to live, has now grown into a bustling part of town. East Austin has become very popular with first time home buyers because the prices are reasonable. It is also popular with families that want large yards and mature landscaping. College students also like that it is only a short commute to the University of Texas
and downtown.

I-35 used to be the Great Divide in Austin. East Austin had fallen on hard times. The large old historic homes had been long forgotten and abandoned. Even though it was very close to the University, it seemed you couldn’t give homes away east of I-35. But once property values got out of reach West of I-35 for many professionals, East Austin was looked at with fresh eyes.

Delwood IV is between Cameron and Berkman, north of 51st Street and has been discovered by professionals who want to move into an established neighborhood. Windsor Park covers the area from 51st Street to 290, and the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association is the most active here on the east side. Most homes were built in the early Sixties, have three bedrooms, with either a garage or carport. It’s very friendly to the first-time homebuyer, with homes selling in the $120,000 to $190,000 range.
Classic Delwood neighborhood extends from 51st Street South to East 38th Street. Homes in Delwood sell from $130,000 to $250,000 and the neighborhood is known for its huge towering old oak trees, and large yards that complement landscaping. French Place is an older, well-located neighborhood between East 38th and 26th Street. French Place homes are usually two bedroom, one bath homes selling from $140,000 to $260,000. Both areas are very popular with people who want to be close to the University of Texas and Concordia, and professionals that work downtown.

With thoughtful development of the old Austin airport property located between 51st Street and Airport Blvd is already having a positive economic impact on the surrounding close-in Northeast areas