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Common Home Renovation Mistakes


Home Renovation Mistakes
Home Renovation Mistakes

Whether you’ve just moved into a fixer upper or you’re renovating your home to prepare to sell it, there are a few things you need to know about home renovations. To avoid wasting both time and money, make sure you steer clear of these common mistakes:

Assuming you want the trendiest styles.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during a renovation is asking for the trendiest flooring and countertop materials without discussing the pros and cons of it. For example, marble is huge in the interior design world right now, and being used everywhere from kitchen countertops to around the living room fireplace. Although this stone is beautiful, it’s not as durable as granite and is much more difficult to clean. If you order it without learning about it, you could be very unhappy after living with it for a few years and discovering all of its downsides. Basically, don’t choose something just because it’s trendy. Choose what is right for your home!

Messing up the measurements.

When you order anything for your home–whether it is appliances, cabinets or pieces of furniture–it’s very important to measure carefully. Let’s say you are ordering appliances for your kitchen, but you write down the measurements of the refrigerator space wrong and end up ordering a size that’s way too big. Depending on the retailer you purchased it from, you may have to pay some sort of restocking fee or even pay for the shipping to have the refrigerator returned. Don’t waste money on these unnecessary expenses. Measure very carefully not once, but twice or three times, to make sure you get it right. It only takes a few seconds to check that you’re measuring the space correctly, but it can save you a ton of trouble.

Making “out there” choices.

It’s always wise to avoid making extremely unique and unusual choices in your renovation. For example, choosing a neon green paint for the bedroom walls may make you happy, but it probably won’t please too many buyers when you list your home down the road. Even if you have just moved into a home, you will have to resell it at some point, so you should always think about the resale value when going through choices for your renovation.¬†

Hiring the wrong contractor.

You may be eager to start your renovations, but don’t let that get in the way of hiring the right contractor. It’s smart to interview and request quotes from multiple contractors¬†before making a decision. You should also do your research by looking up each contractor’s reviews online to see what other customers have said about him. The contractor can make or break your renovations. Choosing the wrong one could mean poor quality work and missed deadlines, which are two things that no homeowner ever wants to deal with.¬†

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