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Conroe lies on the east side of 1-45 North some 35 miles from Houston. The town has a population of 22,000. Simply put, Conroe residents appreciate quiet, country-like living.

In the late 1800s, Isaac Conroe built a sawmill in this locale and in 1903, Conroe became a county seat. The railroad followed as did the discovery in the early '30s of "black gold" by oilman George Strake.

What distinguishes Conroe real estate from that of other areas is its availability of country properties. Many homes sit on multi-acre plots, allowing residents to keep horses or other livestock on the premises. One also can enjoy ranch-style living on ranch properties of 60 to 100 acres or more. Homes are wood frame and brick, a mixture of one and two stories. Cost of homes runs from $40,000 to a million dollars plus. Multi-family units rent for $300 to $600 a month, and condominiums are available for rent or purchase.