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Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas
Some of the longest roads are in Texas and the reputation of the state starts with Dallas. Dallas put the BIG in Texas! Big hair, Big Money and the BIG “D” make fictional characters like J.R. seem bigger than life. Since Texas is such a big state, the terrain for different areas of the state may surprise people. Dallas is in the plains topography of the state. The wide open plains attracted many a cattle rancher and up until the late 1900’s, many ranchers still thought that open range should be the way to go. Even now a broken fence along I-20 will cause a traffic jam when the cattle spill out onto the road way.

Dallas has diversified since the old cattle barons and is now a growing metropolis of banking, light industry and farming. Of course, everyone’s image of Dallas is big oil men but most of the refineries are in Houston.

Real Estate in Dallas has continued to be rather strong compared to the rest of the nation. Although the market has gotten soft, it is not as soft as Florida, Arizona or California and should not be approached, from a negotiating stand point, the same. Since the real estate market in Dallas did not see the wild appreciation rates that the other parts of the country experienced, the prices have not fallen sharply either. One can still negotiate 3-5% off the sales price but not 25-50%.

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