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How to Prepare Your Home For An Open House Open House

Are you preparing to sell your home? If so, your realtor might suggest that you hold an open house or two to invite potential buyers and agents in for a look around. But, wait! Before you open your doors to people in the neighborhood, make sure that your home is prepared by following these tips:

Hide evidence of pets.

Everyone that walks through your home during an open house will not love your family pet as much as you do. Believe it or not, some people don’t like animals at all—or could have allergies that flare up in their presence. If you run into this type of buyer during your open house, the second that they spot your animal or his toys laying around, they may become distracted and not pay attention to the rest of the house. Avoid this issue by putting away all evidence that you have a pet prior to the open house. Be sure to also sweep up to make sure that there aren’t any dog hairs clinging to the furniture.

Let natural light in.

Before you invite buyers into your home, let the natural light in by keeping the curtains or blinds open. Potential buyers love to see that a home can be lit without artificial lighting, so this could be a huge selling point. Plus, rooms that are illuminated by natural light tend to look airier and more spacious, two qualities that almost every buyer wants in their new home.


Once you’ve cleaned your home and gotten rid of all the clutter, it’s important to add accessories throughout the home that will appeal to potential buyers. Add a vase full of fresh flowers at the entranceway to the home and in the center of the dining room table. Invest in a few decorative pillows or throws and strategically place them on your couches and in your master bedroom. As you move about your home, try to think of what decorations you would find in a luxury hotel. If you can make potential buyers feel like they’re on a getaway, they will be sure to fall in love with your home.

Give out information.

Don’t let any potential buyer or real estate agent walk out of your home without taking an informational brochure or pamphlet. One of the benefits of having a real estate agent to help you sell your home is that they will handle this part of the open house. However, if you’re doing it on your own, you have to be able to create an eye-catching brochure full of pictures and details about your home. Chances are, realtors and potential buyers are visiting a number of different open houses, so it’s important that they remember yours by holding onto this informational brochure.

Now that your home is ready to host open houses, it’s time to list it for sale on the market! Contact our team of real estate experts at Coast 2 Coast Realty with years of experience in the Tampa Bay area.

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