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How to Successfully Stage A Bathroom

Stage a bathroom
Stage a bathroom

Ready to sell your home? Your agent may have suggested you consider staging. Buyers tend to look at staged homes more favorably, which could lead to a higher selling price and a bigger smile on your face. When you’re ready to start staging, don’t forget the bathroom. There are easy changes you can make to this space that will make a huge impact, so try these bathroom staging tips:

Install a new shower curtain.
Over time, shower curtains begin to look old and dingy, so they shouldn’t stick around when you are showing your home to buyers. Replacing the shower curtain is a cheap and easy way to instantly brighten the entire bathroom. If you’re not sure what kind to choose, go for an all white or neutral colored curtain. The more whites and brights you use in the bathroom, the more spa-like it will appear, which is a huge draw for today’s buyers on the market.

Repair the faucet.
If your shower or sink faucet is dripping, get this fixed before letting buyers in your home. Potential buyers may notice your faucet dripping and think, “what else needs to be repaired?” A leaky faucet—or running toilet, for that matter—gives buyers the impression that you have not kept up with maintenance in the house, and that the appliances are old and need to be replaced.

Hide the things no one wants to see.
To really give your b

a glamorous and luxurious vibe, you have to get rid of the items that are well…less than glamorous. Buyers know that homeowners keep a toilet plunger in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they want to see it when they’re touring your home, so put it away! Hide all of your personal belongings such as medication and hygiene products, and whatever you do, don’t forget to dump out the bathroom trash can before letting buyers in. Only leave the bare minimum in the bathroom so buyers don’t get distracted with snooping through your items and instead can focus their attention on the details of your home.

Make replacements.
If you have more money in your budget, consider replacing your existing vanity with an upgraded and newer design. Although this is more of a renovation project than a staging project, it can help you increase the value of your home and instantly upgrade the look of your bathroom. Choose a solid, sturdy wood cabinet with a classic natural stone such as granite or quartz. These countertops work well in the bathroom and never go out of style, so either would be a smart choice. If you have a smaller bathroom, stick to lighter shades of cabinets and countertops that will help open up the space. Darker shades of wood or stone will make the space appear more cramped, so steer clear of these in the bathroom.

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