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How to Take the Best Listing Photos

Real Estate Listing Photos

Want to sell your home quickly? Make sure potential buyers see it in the best light possible by taking incredible listing photos. After all, the listing photos are the first time buyers will see your house, so you have to make a strong first impression. How can you master the art of real estate photography? Follow these tips:

Tell a story.
The order of the images is just as important as the quality. When you arrange the photos, make sure you tell a story by starting at the front door and moving your way through the home. Show the downstairs before you begin showing pictures from upstairs, so potential buyers can get an idea of your home’s layout. You don’t have to show every single spot in your home, instead just focus on the most important rooms such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and any special features that will set your house apart.

Take realistic photos.
Of course, you want your home to look as perfect as possible to draw in buyers, but you should still keep it looking realistic. It’s ok to take the photo from certain angles to make the room appear bigger, but just don’t use any crazy filters or special effects on the photos. Also, whatever you do, don’t edit the photos to remove unfavorable parts of your home. This will show buyers you are not trustworthy when they see the house in person, and make them hesitant to do a deal with you.

Show the details.
If your home is all about the details, make sure you show them off to potential buyers. For example, if you have a beautiful railing on your stairs or crown molding in every room, snap a few pictures of these details so buyers can see. Details add character to your home, which is a great way to attract buyers. Sometimes, the details are what separate your house from every other one on the market.

Focus on the home.
When you take photos of the outside of your home, make sure you focus only on your house. Don’t accidentally include parts of your neighbors’ home or the empty street. This can distract buyers from what they should be looking at—your house! Plus, if you happen to have messy neighbors, you don’t want this to scare away any potential buyers who are scrolling through your listing.

Let natural light in.
Artificial light can sometimes be unflattering, especially if you have bright, blinding light fixtures as opposed to soft, mood lighting. To be sure you have captured your home in the best light, turn them off! Open the curtains and let natural light illuminate the room before you take a picture. Not only is this light the most flattering, but it also shows buyers how much natural light you get in each room, which is something most people are interested in knowing before buying a home.

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