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Marble Falls is one of the links in the chain of Lakes that make up the Lower Colorado River Authority. The Lower Colorado was damned at this section of the river and the small wonderful community of Marble Falls helps keep this area of the river beautiful and vibrant.

Marble Falls is known for many things, but the city's probably best known for supplying the beautiful pink granite that helped build our Texas Capitol in Austin. Located in the middle of the Texas Hill Country on the Colorado River, Marble Falls is 47 miles northwest of Austin and 85 miles north of San Antonio.

It's location in the middle of the Highland Lakes area, the largest chain of lakes in Texas, makes it ideal for boating, and many people have vacation and retirement homes here. Marble Falls is also a very affordable place to live; median housing cost is about $84,000 (higher for lake communities).

Marble Falls has a population of about 5,064; stretch the boundaries to a 10-mile radius and the population jumps to about 26,984.