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Soco (South Congress)

SOCO (South Congress) South Congress is a neighborhood located on South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas, and leads directly into downtown Austin, ending at the state capitol. It is a nationally-known cultural and shopping district well-known for its numerous and diverse unique retailers, restaurants, music and art venues. Funky shops, food trailers, fabulous eateries, smart condos and apartments, and an energetic atmosphere personify this chic neighborhood devoted to keeping Austin weird! Directly across the lake from Downtown, SOCO (as it is affectionately referred to by Austinites) is overflowing with things to see, places to shop, and bars, clubs and restaurants to drink and dine. This vibrant neighborhood makes a lasting impression, and SOCO’s laid back attitude guarantees hefty crowds no matter what the time. The character in this neighborhood is the kind that evolves over decades; consignment shops and local cafés line the streets, creating a grand unconventional atmosphere. Nearby, under the Congress Street Bridge, is another feature that helps to give this area some great character, the infamous Austin bats.