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Sunset Valley fights to maintain its voice as a community while Austin grows around it. It is a big challenge to keep its own voice while the pressures of urban growth continue to push at its doors. Sunset Valley's secret lies in its ability to envision, plan, and create its own future. They are their own town. They have their own mayor, city council, police force, and city services. They contract with the City of Austin for fire protection and EMS services, and electricity is contracted with Austin Energy. And the police are simply the best, they make time to check on our elderly, and if you go out of town and let them know, they'll check on your property. It has Andy of Mayberry written all over it.
The city had more city-owned open space than any other city in the state. The city purchased or traded for the additional cover so they could maintain their natural areas. Sunset Valley is very involved in conservation, we have a brush chipping program that lets our citizens put out their brush, and we pick it up and chip it and return it as mulch. Also, they have Conservation Rangers program, a recycling program, and an Organics First program that requires commercial properties to use only organic materials in their landscaping.