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The Woodlands

Making up the area north of Spring along 1-45 is The Woodlands, which enjoys the serenity offered by the greenery of forest pines and silver lakes. Fifty miles of hike and bike trails are an amenity that close to 30,000 residents appreciate about the Woodlands.

Residents refer to The Woodlands as the "new home town." The community sits off 1-45 North, 27 miles north of Houston's downtown and 16 miles north of Houston Intercontinental Airport. The four villages of The Woodlands are 20 years old, although new houses are still available.

Nestled in a forest habitat are The Woodlands' commercial enterprises. George P. Mitchell, Woodlands founder and chairman of Mitchell Energy and Development Corp., headquarters his company here. Also here is The Woodlands Business Complex, composed of three development zones: the Metro